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Official Superbman: The Other Movie website.

Yes, Superbman; make note of that 'b' in the name.

Way funnier than a speeding ticket, almost as powerful as a steaming cup of coffee, able to leap all logic in a single bound, Superbman: The Other Movie was the first and original parody of Superman I and II.

It rocketed to Earth as a student project in the late 1970s, and soon grew into a cult sensation on the LA con circuit, capped with a preview screening at the world famous San Diego Comic-Con.

This website not only tells the story of those thrilling days of yesteryear, we hope it also serves as a record of a different kind of filmmaking. In an age when technology allows young filmmakers to do in a couple of hours what would have taken us several days, if not weeks, to accomplish, we still hope that young filmmakers can learn something from our experience. In the Production pages, Drex Reed explains how he achieved some of his effects, produced with almost no budget and great ingenuity. Throughout the site, you will also find plenty of examples of what not to do.

Now, after over 30 years of being banished to the "O-zone, "Superbman: The Other Movie" has been digitally restored, thus answering the long asked question, "When will Superbman: The Other Movie be digitally restored?" The next step will be to make it available for the fans. As soon as it's ready we'll post an update here.

In the meantime, watch the trailer now, then watch the Making of Superbman.

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